How about that Omicron?

How about that Omicron?

Dr. Sabrina Solt, All rights reserved.

Cases are up.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated are affected.

The good news? It is so much less deadly.

But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck to come down with!

Over the last few weeks, the office has had the honor of serving so many of you who have come down with this most recent variant.

How you ask? Let me explain:

My strategy ultimately gets customized to each individual and their unique symptom presentation (and boy, there are some interesting combinations of symptoms happening!), but it has usually consisted of:

– A custom IV blend that I created specifically for this variant, which combines ideal amounts of vitamin C and zinc, amino acids that help with blood flow, and even NAD+ to prevent long haul, in addition to a few other complimentary ingredients.

– Supplement recommendations such as NAC, quercetin, and vitamin D, which have all been shown in studies to effectively reduce symptoms and length of time one has an active infection

– Specific prescription medication that can decrease viral load and inflammation, in an effort to prevent long haul

I am happy to report that none of the patients I have treated in office have had to go to the hospital! This is a massive win, as we want to make sure we are not overloading our already burnt out frontline workers.

While I am hopeful that this variant means the start of COVID becoming endemic and therefore very similar to the seasonal flu going forward, it doesn’t mean people who contract it should have to just suffer through it at home, for sometimes weeks on end.

Additionally, if you are one of those people who are “recovered” from it, but still experiencing lingering symptoms such as:
– brain fog
– weakness
– fatigue
– just not feeling like yourself
I can definitely help with that as well! My post-COVID approach has helped many people get back to feeling their best relatively quickly.

Want to know a secret? I feel very confident in my approach because I first did it all on myself back in the summer when I had a nasty bout of the Delta variant. This is also the reason I am not worried about having active cases in the office! My antibodies and T cells are still VERY strong.

I hope you found this email helpful, and while I hope I don’t have to see you for this concern, know that you are welcome to reach out, and I will take great care of you.

Feel free to text or call the office line at 480-267-7856, and share with anyone else who might need help!

As always, wishing you abundant health.
Dr. Solt