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    Stem Cell SCAM?!

    Stem Cell SCAM?! This was in the news…

    OH BOY! The stem cell world can be like the wild wild west.

    Short version? There is currently no such thing as “stem cells in a vial”, and if you or someone you know received that, it was a scam.

    Long version? Here we go…

    This news article (link: across my desk not too long ago, and it struck me first and foremost as heartbreaking. These patients were seeking answers to their chronic health issues, and were met with a clinic that either lacked integrity or intelligence, or both. You see, in the United States, there are currently only two ways to get real, live stem cells for clinical use:

    1) Harvesting them from your own bone marrow

    2) Harvesting them from your own fat (adipose) tissue

    THAT’S IT.

    No, seriously. That’s it.

    “But my cousin’s best friend’s uncle got stem cells at this clinic and Medicare even covered it!”

    No, I can assure you, that did not happen.

    You see, this is the problem: There are companies throughout the US who create products from birth tissue. They can use the placenta, the amniotic fluid, or the umbilical cord. In their fresh state, these tissues absolutely do contain live stem cells. However, by the time the product makes it’s way to the physician, there are no live stem cells left, for two main reasons:

    1) The FDA actually says it is illegal. Yes. Straight up, the FDA makes it very clear that it is illegal to transfer live cells from one person to another.

    2) Stem cells are very sensitive cells. They can not survive the cryopreservation, sterilization, and shock-thaw process that happens in the creation of these products.

    Yet, these facts do not stop cunning salespeople from walking into unsuspecting physician offices and telling the owner that they sell stem cells. They are armed with things called “white papers” and “testing data”, but these are just decoys. I have vetted dozens of these companies, and since I’ve been in the regenerative medicine field for over 5 years, I have never met a single company who can prove their product contains real, live stem cells. Because honestly, if I didn’t have to do a 2-3 hour minor surgical procedure to acquire them, and instead could just purchase a vial, I absolutely would. But that just doesn’t exist at this time.

    Now, I would like to add, that just because these products do not contain live stem cells does not mean they are bad products! They are very rich in things like cytokines and growth factors, which means they can still offer regeneration and healing. The thing to know is that they will not behave like stem cells. This is why I offer pretty much all types of regenerative medicine because I know when and how to apply each of the modalities in order to best help my patients heal.

    Interested in seeing which stem cell or regenerative therapy is right for you? You can use this link to schedule a complimentary 20min discovery call with me personally.

    Yours in health,

    Dr. Sabrina Solt

    Schedule your FREE 20 minute Consultation. Use the form below or Call/Text  480-267-7856 today.

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