Stem Cell Therapy In Scottsdale Arizona


Stop Pain & Regain Mobility, Naturally

If pain interferes with your day to day life, there is hope with stem cell therapy.

Hundreds of patients, just like you, have found relief with stem cells and regenerative medicine.

No, this isn’t a bandaid or a quick fix.

We are actually helping the body to truly heal in a meaningful way.  In essence, we are turning back the clock.

Stem cell therapy allows us to dramatically reduce inflammation and increase mobility.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to finally get off the prescription medications?

To stop saying no to activities because you can no longer keep up?

Would it hurt to get on a call with us to see how we can help?

Hi, I’m Dr. Sabrina Solt. I’ve been in the regenerative medicine field since 2013 and am the owner & founder of Stem Cell Therapy Professionals. At our clinic, we help patients recover their mobility, reduce their pain, and live like they did years before.

Our practice is geared towards helping people just like you to finally feel your best!

We specialize in providing natural solutions for pain and acting like a detective with your overall health. It is our goal to have you feel truly cared for.

As licensed naturopathic medical doctors, we are here to provide the highest level of care in a warm and welcoming environment that allows for true healing.

Thank you for trusting us with your care! 

Dr. Sabrina Solt

FOUNDER, Stem Cell Therapy Professionals

Your First Step To A Pain Free & Active Life Begins Today

You shouldn’t have to waste years of your life being sick, in pain, or unable to do the things you enjoy.

You’re just one phone call away from finding out just how easy and effective it is to use your own stem cells to heal.

It’s time to go back to living a life you love.

Click the link below and schedule your initial call with one of our providers.


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Step 3: We Will Assess If Stem Cells Are Right For You


Step 4: We Build Your Customized Treatment Plan


Step 5: Start Feeling Better

Ready To Work With Us?

Your Personalized Plan Includes:

Welcoming You Like Family

After deciding to work together, we get started right away.

We will be sending you a Success Kit. It contains items that were hand selected by by our founder to jumpstart the healing process.

You will also be given access to our online learning platform, where we provide exclusive resources and content. This was made with a singular goal: to get you results faster, better, and easier.

1:1 Consultation With Our Provider

You are in the best hands.

Our provider will work like a detective, thoroughly analyzing every aspect of you to come up with the most strategic and personalized treatment plan possible.

Since our providers are all proficient in and skilled at all forms of regenerative medicine (PRP, bone marrow, adipose, amniotic, exosomes, etc.), you can be sure they will create a plan during this time that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Your Procedure

So, what can stem cells actually treat?

Due to the high safety profile and efficacy of stem cell therapy treatments, we are able to treat a wide range of problems in areas of the body including: low back, neck, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, wrists, and more.

Based on our providers over a decade of clinical experience of getting people out of pain with regenerative medicine, you can be sure our approach is the one you need. There are almost no limitations to what we can heal with regenerative therapies.

After The Procedure

We don’t leave you hanging like some of those other clinics.

In fact, we track your progress and follow up with you on a specific schedule for 6 months after your procedure with us.

It matters to us to continue to offer support as you heal.

6 Month Follow Up Appointment

At your 6 month mark, you will meet with your provider again 1:1.

During this time together, you will discuss all the changes you have experienced as a result of the stem cell therapy program and review strategies to continue your healing and maintain all the progress that has been made.

Who We DON'T Work With

We can’t wait to see if working together is a great fit!

While we do have some candidacy requirements that will be assessed on your call, there are other things we consider as well.

Ultimately, the people who will not benefit from working with us include:

  • Those with a negative mindset who are not ready to heal
  • Those who are not willing to make changes to their diet & lifestyle in order to support healing
  • Those who have unrealistic expectations about the speed at which stem cell therapy can work
  • Those who have unrealistic expectations about what stem cell therapy can accomplish
  • Those who are rude, mean, entitled, and otherwise unpleasant to be around.

If none of those sound like you, great! We can’t wait to hear from you. Schedule your assessment below.

You Could Be Feeling Better In The Next 30 Days