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It looks like you’re finally ready to take charge of your health, and we are so happy to have you here!

Read on below to find out the various ways in which we provide care to you.

Stem Cell Treatment

Rapid & Powerful Healing

This is the most comprehensive and holistic stem cell based approach that has ever been created.

Patients who experience our approach report improvements in the following areas:

– Decreased or eliminated medication usage

– Reduction in pain

– Enhanced quality of life and more energy

– Prevention or delay of surgery

You can learn more about what our approach entails by clicking here.

Anti-Aging Expertise

10 Years Younger In Just A Few Months

Our anti-aging program was designed for both men and women between the ages of 30-70 who are looking to take full control of their health and effectively age in reverse! 

This program is a 3 month commitment, and includes in person 1:1 care with Dr. Solt, in addition to online modules and health coaching. We often use bioidentical hormones, nutritional supplements, and even peptide therapy to help our patients look and feel at least 10 years younger.

Also included is high level comprehensive biomarker testing that allows us to know your health in a way you’ve likely never experienced before.

The precision and strategy that this program allows for is ideal for the patient who is ready to commit to feeling the best they have in years!

Many patients who work with Dr. Solt have results of fat loss, improved cognition and memory, increased energy and libido, and smoother skin.

You can learn more about what this program entails by clicking here.

Women’s Group Program

10 Weeks To A Healthier You!

The number one concern women express in their appointments is the desire to lose weight.

That being said, what most of them actually mean is that they want to lose fat and change their body composition.

Secondary concerns usually include things like brain fog, low libido, and fatigue.

Our answer to this is the Happy Body Program.

Over the course of 10 weeks in a fully online group setting, Dr. Solt will teach on modules that include muscle, mindset, meat, menses, menopause, and more!

This program is appropriate for women of all ages who are serious about getting in the best health of their life in a way that is sustainable and easy.

You will create long lasting connections with other ladies who are on the same journey as you, as you cheer each other on and hold each other accountable.

Participants located in the US will have the ability to add on detailed lab testing, should they choose. 

Our next start date is: January 2023

Men’s Group Program


Testing & Reports


Our final option is the best for those who are simply looking for basic direction and information on their health.

This option is available to most clients all over the United States.

It is ideal for those who are either just starting on their health journey or those who are fairly far advanced and just need a simple check up on how they’re doing.

If this option sounds like a great fit for you, you will simply follow this link to our testing shop and select the one(s) you are most interested in ordering.

Each option comes with a comprehensive written report from Dr. Solt.

This report will explain the results in detail and offer suggestions on ways to correct imbalances.

These suggestions often include diet, lifestyle, and supplement interventions.

Depending on which tests are ordered, this report can take up to 2 weeks after results are released and will be delivered via email.

If desired, there is the option to add on either an in-person or phone consultation with Dr. Solt within 30 days of the release of your results.

We understand that there may be minor questions regarding the results, and these can be addressed via email with a health coach within 2 weeks of receiving the results. 

If you are local to Arizona, you will have the ability to continue to see Dr. Solt as a patient for additional care. 


Do You Have Any Pay-As-You-Go Options?

No. After many years of practice, we have come to learn that in order for patients to truly get better, it requires a significant commitment. Because of that, we no longer offer a la carte appointments for new patients. These become available only to current patients after completion of any of our programs as a way to maintain your results and progress. Note that this does not include the testing & reports option, just the programs.

The options listed on this page are the only ways to work with us as a new patient to our practice.

What if I sign up for a program and don't want to finish?

We have a “First Module Free Guarantee”. What this means is that, should you enroll in a program, and complete the first module and all associated course work, and realize that this is not the right fit for you, we will refund any payments made minus a 10% processing fee. 

If you complete more than the first module, we will not offer a refund for any reason. 

Do you accept insurance?

Due to the highly specialized and involved nature of the care we provide, we can not accept insurance.

We accept all major credit cards, HSA and FSA accounts, and offer third party funding with manageable monthly payments for any programs over $5000.