Are you tired of waking up in pain first thing in the morning?

There are millions of individuals who continue to suffer through the experience of joint pain every day. More specifically, knee pain is a rising trend as it is one of the most used joints in the body or rather a high-impact joint due to walking running, and standing.

In the United States alone, a whopping 700,000 + knee replacements are being performed each year. To avoid being in that statistic, it is important to act now! Early intervention will reduce the risk of future problems. With a holistic approach, our team of experts will assist in a treatment plan that will take all aspects into consideration.

Health is Wealth!

When you Invest In Your Health (much more affordable), you avoid being forced into covering the cost of sickness, injury, or surgical intervention later on.

We all know how intense joint and knee pain can be. It is rather debilitating. Leaving people like you wanting to do nothing more than lay in bed or in the most comfortable position to alleviate the numbness, grinding, or shooting pain that many people experience.

The Good News…

 We Will Help You!

With over a decade of experience, our doctors have refined solutions that are non-surgical, provide a pathway for full healing and get you back to living life pain free!

Walk through the treatment solution and understand how our plans will benefit your health and well-being. Explore solutions that have our patients back to living life and enjoying the activities they love. 

Work with our stem cell therapy experts and create a solution that works for you!

 Stem Cell therapy is A Non-Surgical Treatment For

Knee & Joint Pain

The Power behind Stem Cell therapy for Knee & Joint  Pain:

Stem cells are the building blocks of our bodies, capable of differentiating into various types of cells. When injected into the knee or other joints, stem cells promote the possibility of tissue regeneration. Stem Cells also reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical approach that targets the root cause of knee pain.

Stop managing symptoms, Start solving the problem where it started!

Preffered Qualifications  For Stem Cell Treatment & Free Consultation:

 While stem cell therapy  benefits many individuals, certain qualifications ensure the best outcomes. To be considered a suitable candidate for this treatment, you should meet the following criteria:

  • No active cancer: Cancer patients require specialized treatment plans and should consult their oncologist.
  • Non-smoker: Smoking can hinder the body’s healing process and may reduce the effectiveness of stem cell therapy.
  • BMI under 30: Maintaining a healthy weight helps optimize the success of the treatment.
  • Not taking steroids or NSAIDs: These medications may interfere with the regenerative properties of stem cells.

 Injuries That Our Patients Trust Our Experts With:

Meniscus Tears: Stem cell therapy can aid in the regeneration of damaged meniscus tissue, promoting healing and reducing pain.

ACL Tears: By accelerating the repair process, stem cells can potentially restore the integrity of the ACL, providing relief and avoiding the need for surgery.

Arthritis: Stem cell treatment offers the potential to alleviate arthritis symptoms by reducing inflammation and regenerating damaged joint tissue.

Joint Instability: Stem cells may strengthen weakened ligaments and stabilize joints, helping individuals regain stability and functionality.

    Your journey of seeking a non-surgical approach to alleviate knee pain caused by meniscus tears, ACL tears, arthritis, or joint instability is over!

    Stem cell therapy is a solution that has been proven to help people in pain get back to normal activity and full healing.

    Our team would love the opportunity to meet with you and explore our solutions together! 

    Schedule a FREE consultation with our Stem Cell Therapy Doctor’s. Trust in our team of experts that 1000’s of patients trust.

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